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Replacing the steering sensor in a car corrects the following problems:

  • Inaccurate or Erroneous Readings: When the steering sensor fails or produces incorrect readings, it causes driver assistance systems and other features that rely on accurate steering position data to not function properly.
  • Stability Control Problems: A steering sensor is often used in electronic stability control to determine the driver's intentions and adjust the system's performance. A faulty sensor can reduce the effectiveness of electronic stabilization or cause it to operate incorrectly.
  • Electric Power Steering Problems: Vehicles with electronic power steering use signals from the steering sensor to adjust steering effort. Sensor malfunctions can cause the amplifier to malfunction or completely fail.
  • Optimized steering system performance: A properly functioning sensor ensures optimal steering system performance by ensuring that steering forces are matched to current driving conditions.
  • False Alarm Problems: Incorrect data from a faulty sensor can cause unnecessary or false alarms from security systems, which can be corrected by replacing the sensor.

Thus, timely replacement of the steering sensor is the basis for maintaining safety, controllability and proper operation of various driver assistance systems.

"Steering sensor replacement" fixes "Steering sensor failure"

The AutoTechIQ ranking for Safety, Cost Avoidance, and Environmental Impact is

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Four common causes for an “ABS/TCS” warning light on the vehicle and their related parts.
This fix will help eliminating

ABS/Traction Control Light

The ABS and traction control lights are likely on due to driving on slippery terrain, indicating a "mode" the car activated. However, damaged brake and steering system sensors could send incorrect signals, causing the light to stay on continuously. Another possibility is problems with traction or brakes, such as low brake fluid.

Don't ignore those flashing ABS and traction control warning lights on your car's dashboard. They indicate that something is wrong with your vehicle's braking system, requiring immediate attention. The sooner you take action, the better, as the damage could become more severe, leading to costly repairs.

Keep an eye out for any unusual behavior in your car. Read our informative articles to gain the knowledge you need to communicate productively with your mechanic. Together, you can advocate for your vehicle to run at its best.

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