Why us?

Most motorists are dreading the appointment at an auto repair shop.


The fear of paying too much for unnecessary repairs is the #1 concern. According to AutoNetTV's survey (see graph below), many car and truck owners are biased based on bad experiences and need help understanding the repair or service.

Mistrusting recommendations

The most common reason is that drivers don't trust a mechanic or service advisor's recommendations.

Been taken advantage of in the past44%
Issue not explained well enough for me to make a good desicion 37.3%
I'm not sure if they are telling the truth34.9%
I often don't understand what they are saying23.6%
Other, or this isn't an issue for me5.3%
Been taken advantage of in the past 44%

How advisors can improve trust

What actions can a Mechanic or Service Advisor take to improve a driver's trust in their recommendations?

Give more detailed information of services and parts provided62.1%
Communicate more openly and clearly about services and needs60.3%
Explain services in a manner that isn't intimidating34.5%
Provide video explanations of vehicle's to explain what's necessary30.6%
Listen better to customers24.5%
Have more female employees to talk to customers17.4%
More detailed info 62.1%

How are AutoTechIQ and its network of shops doing that differently?

We focus on a fully transparent bill of health for your vehicle. Some car and truck owners prefer longevity over quick fixes, while some rather stay on the road and buy a new vehicle when repair costs exceed their budget. Where are you on this spectrum? Are you like the car and truck owners who responded to the survey below asking for more transparency?

You decide.No rip-offs.Full transparency.

To top it off, we will demonstrate how many car and truck owners driving the exact vehicle as you in the same mileage range have experienced the issues you're experiencing and how to fix them.


How is Transparency the new Currency of Trust?

By fully disclosing your vehicle's bill of health and putting the next course of action in your hands, you are empowered to make decisions. You will be confident and never feel that you have been held hostage again.

Moreover, you will see how many car or truck owners exactly like you have encountered the same issue and took action to apply the appropriate fix.

Motorists demand Transparency and Education

With 100+ years of combined experience working with car or truck owners like you under our belt, we helped thousands of auto repair shops in North America to provide a vehicle health inspection to make your vehicle's bill of health super-transparent.

Instead of being coerced into an expensive repair on a phone call, you can research the videos and images describing your vehicle and let you, on your timeline and in your control, make the decision on what to approve and what to defer or decline.

No more rip-offs.

Educate yourself and compare your decision with car or truck owners just like you across NorthAmerica, who drive the same vehicle within the same vehicle range.

Make a confident decision and get matched up with a certified AutoTechIQ shop in your area that shares the same value.