We make car and truck owners confident about the right fixes.

Millions of shop visits by car and truck owners like you allow us to extract symptoms and fixes matching your vehicle.

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Your AutoTechIQ advantage

AutoTechIQ helps car and truck owners identify problems their vehicles are having. Whether for your everyday car or small business truck, we provide proven auto repair work that has solved similar issues thousands of vehicle owners have faced.

We also recommend auto repair shops in your area based on trust, customer education, and quality of work. These shops inspect your car using a courtesy Digital Vehicle Health Inspection and create a state of health report with symptom information and necessary fixes.

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Why AutoTechIQ

Transparency is the new Trust

AutoTechIQ's certified shops empower you to make firm decisions by disclosing your vehicle's bill of health. We make you confident about how to engage with your shop so that you never feel like a hostage again.

You look up typical symptoms and fixes
Compare them with your vehicle symptoms
Get a Free Vehicle Health Inspection at a shop near you
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Full transparency

Educate yourself and compare your decision with car or truck owners just like you across North America, who drive the same vehicle within the same mileage range.

Make a confident decision and get matched up with a certified AutoTechIQ shop in your area that shares the same value.

Get the Right Fixes for Your Vehicle!
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Testimonials from certified shops

Frank Scandura
Owner of Frank's European ServiceFrank Scandura

“Digital Vehicle Health Inspections have made our customers' lives so much easier. Regular digital education, including images and videos of their vehicle's health status give car and truck owners a true picture of what needs to be done to achieve the vehicle health they want.”