Steering angle sensor with information about the need for replacement

Angle sensor replacement in a car provides:

  • Vehicle Stability Control: The sensor provides information to the vehicle's stability control system. This data has implications for systems such as traction control and electronic stability control, which help prevent skidding and maintain vehicle stability.
  • Anti-lock braking system performance: When combined with other sensors, the steering angle sensor helps the ABS system determine the vehicle's direction of travel and steering intent, which is critical to preventing wheel lockup during emergency braking.
  • When Lane Keeping: For vehicles equipped with lane keeping assist technology, the steering angle sensor provides critical data that helps the vehicle stay within its lane.
  • How Adaptive Headlights Work: Some vehicles use angle sensor data to adjust the headlights based on steering angle, improving visibility and safety at night.
  • Effective operation of power steering: In vehicles with electric power steering, sensor data is used to adjust the level of assistance provided by the power steering system depending on vehicle speed and steering angle.

When replacing the steering angle sensor, it is important to ensure that the steering systems and vehicle stability are correctly calibrated. Incorrect calibration results in inaccurate readings, which impacts the performance of these systems. In many cases, replacement and calibration must be performed by a professional mechanic at a service center, especially for vehicles with complex electronic systems.


"Steering angle sensor replacement" fixes "Faulty steering angle sensor"

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Four common causes for a “Power Steering” warning light on the vehicle and their related parts.
This fix will help eliminating

Power Steering Light

The power steering light commonly warns about the loss of hydraulic or electric steering assist; if hydraulic, it's probably due to low power steering fluid; if electric, the electronic steering columns are probably the culprits. However, it might also be a warning about a broken internal component, like the pump, rack, or angle sensor.

Stay alert if your car's dashboard begins to pop the "steering warning" light. Your vehicle might be under progressive damage and might require hefty repairs in the future; it'll also feature considerable safety risks. So please keep track of your car's odd behaviors and browse through our articles to find out the information you'll need to share with your go-to auto shop.

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