Hey, Why Is My Car's AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

Hey, Why Is My Car's AC Not Blowing Cold Air?
Your air conditioning system inside your vehicle is designed to take the heat from the inside and transfer it outside the vehicle. The heat is transferred by using freon that is pressurized in a sealed system and goes through various pressure changes, allowing the freon to absorb the heat from the inside of the vehicle and disperse it in the outside air. If one of the air conditioning components is not working correctly, the air from the vents may be cool but not cold.

Is Your Car's AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

The AC isn’t blowing cold air because the cabin air filter is clogged, the blower motor is faulty, or there’s an issue with the fan’s resistor. However, less commonly, it might also be that the engine is overheating or has a faulty refrigerant flow. It can also be a malfunction in the expansion valve, electrical control, a clogged orifice tube, or related issues.

If your car's air conditioning system is not cooling, you must immediately take action. Ignoring this issue may put your safety at risk and result in costly repairs.

Consider having an experienced professional diagnose and discuss the problem promptly. Doing so ensures that your vehicle remains in good working order and you're safe while driving. Don't let a minor issue become a significant problem that could have been avoided with prompt attention and maintenance.

Let's Get To The Bottom Of It!

  • Q: Is the air coming from the AC changing temperature constantly?

    The expansion valve is a device that helps regulate the flow of a substance called "freon" in an air conditioning system. The valve works by reducing the pressure of the freon. This causes the freon to change from a liquid to a gas, which helps it absorb heat and make the air colder.

    However, the part of the valve that controls how much freon flows through can wear out or break. This can cause the valve to malfunction and make the air coming out of the air conditioner shift temperature quickly, constantly feeling warmer and cooler.

  • Q: Did the temperature light come on the dash after the AC quit blowing cold air?

    Some cars have computers that modernize their performance. For example, the computer can turn off car parts that might make the engine overheat. So, if the air conditioner is on and the engine is overheating, the computer turns off the air conditioner before the heat gets extreme. This safety behavior prevents the engine from overheating and causing damage. But it does make the temperature light flash on the dashboard.

  • Q: Does the air from the vent start cold and then get really hot?

    In an air conditioning system, an orifice tube helps turn a liquid substance called freon into a gas. This part helps the system absorb heat and cool the air. The tube has a screen to keep external particles out, but if something significant goes wrong inside the air conditioning system, like a part breaking, those particles can get through and block the orifice. This can cause the air conditioning system to stop working correctly and even shut down to protect itself. Hence, the air might start cold and then heat over time.

  • Q: Does the AC sound like it's going overboard but struggling to blow air out?

    The cabin air filter filters out dust, pollen, and molds from the air that comes out of the vents, ensuring that it is safe for the occupants to breathe. However, the filter can clog up if you don't change it regularly. If this happens, air struggles to flow through the filter and into your car's vents. Consequently, your air conditioner works less effectively, and the blower motor overstresses, making louder efforts.

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Hey, Why Is My Car's AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

Vehicle Health Inspection Proof

Explore the following typical inspection results that show a potential cause for the symptom and select the one you believe is similar to your vehicle's issue.

Blower motor malfunction

The proof image shows the location where the technician tested the blower motor. The technician could diagnose the issue with this information and recommend the necessary repairs.

A dropped off their vehicle concerned that the air conditioner was malfunctioning. They reported that the AC light on the control knob was turning on, but no cool air was coming out of the vents. Additionally, they mentioned that the blower motor had been getting loud before the air conditioner stopped working.

During a test drive, the technician confirmed that the blower motor was not functioning. However, during a vehicle health inspection, they did not notice anything about the customer's concern. As a result, the customer authorized additional procedures.

To investigate further, the technician accessed the blower motor connector and unplugged it to inspect for damage. Although the connector appeared in good condition, the technician reattached it and used a digital voltmeter to confirm that power and ground were getting to the blower motor. However, the blower motor still did not turn on.

After tapping on the bottom of the blower motor housing, the technician got it to turn on, although it was making a lot of noise. Finally, the technician determined that the blower motor was failing and needed to be replaced.

Does the issue look like this? if not accessible your shop will document it

Typical Fixes to Address the Cause(s)

The following chapters bases themselves on experiences from our auto repair shop; we'll describe related problems' causes and fixes.

"Blower Motor Replacement" fixes "Blower motor malfunction"

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Sometimes a problem is more challenging to describe than it initially looked like. If you are not sure your problem is described by this article, please find below similar vehicle symptoms, which might describe better the issue you are experiencing.

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