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«When everyone moves forward together, success comes by itself»

With AutoTechIQ, we intend to take things to the next level. Motorists will be able to be informed before they visit the store and discuss the necessary corrections with confidence with the store they trust, based on the electronic health report provided by the store.

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Number of proper Vehicle Health Inspections Created in 2021


Increase in Car/Truck Owner approvals

89 Mill.

Google Searches for Auto-Related topics in 2021


New Shops starting to be dedicated to the Digital education of their customers in 2021 in North America


Car/Truck Owners focused on the longevity and health of their vehicle

* estimated
Uwe Kleinschmidt
Uwe KleinschmidtCEO

Founder and former CEO of AutoVitals, whose products empower shops to provide motorists with trusted education about their vehicle needs. As a result, Motorists' approval rate for proposed work tripled and increased the reliability and longevity of their vehicles significantly. With AutoTechIQ I am committed to take it to the next level. Motorists will be able to educate themselves before they visit a shop and are confident to discuss the fixes needed with the shop they trust, based on a digital bill of health provided by the shop.

Frank Scandura
Frank ScanduraVP of Certified Shop Relations and Member of the Board of Directors

Frank Scandura has over 45 years of automotive experience in European Vehicles and over 25 years of experience as a service center entrepreneur. He authored the book, “How To Take Care Of Your Vehicle So It Will Take Care Of You”.

Starting his career at a small town gas station in upstate New York, Frank quickly moved on to working at the local Mercedes Benz dealership. Over the years he has worked as a Master Certified Technician and as a service advisor, before starting his own business in Las Vegas. Today he is the owner-operator of one of the most successful, state-of-the-art, green shops in North America. His shops focus on Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, and Jaguar, and have 20 talented employees.

Frank feels strongly that the automotive service experience should not be difficult or intimidating, but be based on the facts and evidence, so motorists make an informed decision for their vehicle. This commitment has challenged the standard of ethics in the automotive industry and influenced countless automotive service centers around the country to adopt “The Frank’s way”. Out of his passion for helping others, Frank is also a Business Coach, empowering other automotive shop owners on how to run a first-class operation.

It is this mission that attracted Frank to AutoTechIQ! He saw it as an opportunity to bring more transparency to the motorist and help even more shop owners see the value of delivering a high-quality digital health report to all of their customers while realizing the value of becoming a certified AutoTechIQ shop!

Frank is also a John Maxwell Certified Coach/Speaker/Trainer and a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University facilitator. Frank and his wife Deborah enjoy spending time with their grandkids and faithfully serving in their local church as well as many other community causes.

Frank has also authored many articles in national trade magazines, as well as his interviews and industry insight: RR 163: Frank Scandura from Frank’s European THA 120: How Can We Provide Our Technicians a $100K Yearly Pay Package? THA 092: The Extreme Value of Shop Tours THA 144: Drug Testing in the New Age of Legalized Cannabis THA 088: Everything I Did Wrong and What I Learned RR 272: Marcus Marchegger from Capital Automotive THA 024: Quality Controls – Why it Matters for Retention & Reputation THA 145: The Extreme Value of Shop Tours Part 2 CarmCast 049: From AAPEX 2019 Import Car Magazine Articles

JaxQuality Control

Jax oversees compliance with people’s happiness guidelines and he has a passion for chasing deer and squirrels.

Karl Kleinschmidt
Karl KleinschmidtVP of SEO

A 14-year SEO veteran that has worked with Zappos, Ebay and other large websites to help their customers find the right information for them. At AutoTechIQ, I'm excited to help motorists find the perfect shop for them and give them the confidence to get their car repaired.

Krista Erickson
Krista EricksonVP of Client Services and Marketing

As VP of Client Services and Marketing at AutoTechIQ, Krista will head up the customer acquisition and retention team, using her eye for anticipating customer’s needs, and her ability to connect to educate new or existing customers about the value of ATIQ.

With a background in public relations and sales, she has worked across all industries, putting her client’s needs in the spotlight while helping them effectively promote their latest project or product. She has successfully driven sales of premium kitchen appliances, and handled celebrities on the red carpet at movie premieres. From media liaison, to direct customer interaction, Krista genuinely connects with people and makes their experience her focus.

A California native, Krista is a mom to 5 boys, 3 of which are human. Jax, one of her 2 fur boys is the unofficial ATIQ mascot. Krista grew up a car enthusiast, with her dream car being a black convertible 911.

Bill Connor
Bill ConnorSenior Automotive Expert

Bill has unique insights in the many facets of the automotive industry. He started at a full-service gas station and transitioned to tire stores and full-service repair shops with multiple locations. Bill has been instrumental in creating Digital Vehicle Inspection products, and extending them to visual workflow dispatching. The constant through all the change has been the need to deliver safe, comfortable, and dependable vehicles to vehicle owners. Having been honored to be a local NAPA ASE tech of the year many times has enabled me to work with shops to educate their customers through many ways. The goal is to help customers be educated about the repairs and maintenance to protect one of their largest investments.

AutoTechIQ is the next step in my evolution allowing our team to educate drivers and owners to protect their investment and satisfy the need for safe, comfortable, and dependable vehicles. It helps the public to locate shops sharing the same best practices for complete transparency.

Thilo Koslowski
Thilo KoslowskiChairman of the Board

Thilo Koslowski is a recognized thought leader in the automotive industry with a focus on creating disruptive, cross-industry innovations that maximize returns on investment for partner ecosystems. Most recently, Thilo was the founder and CEO of Porsche Digital, a wholly owned subsidiary of Porsche AG, where he was responsible for the automaker's digital strategy, product roadmap, and business innovations. Previously Thilo founded and led Gartner's global automotive and smart mobility practice. Thilo currently is a board member and advisor to global organizations, technology leaders, startups and investors on how to leverage business and technology innovations to maximize business results, create desirable customer experiences, and develop winning ecosystems.

Thilo's vision is to create the most desirable customer experiences while achieving successful business results across the automotive value-chain. Technology innovations are empowering customers and businesses alike to realize this vision. This represents an unprecedented opportunity especially for automotive aftersales during the vehicle ownership phase. Thilo is excited to join forces with the team at AutoTech IQ to accomplish this joint goal!