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The throttle valve is an important element of the system responsible for supplying air to the car engine. Controls the amount of air and ensures the correct fuel/air ratio for optimal engine performance. Most cars have a simple mechanically operated throttle body. Modern cars are equipped with an electronically controlled throttle valve. The throttle valve often opens and closes, is constantly in operation and therefore often fails.

Signs of a malfunction that require you to contact a repair shop

  • Extremely unstable engine operation when the engine is cold
  • The Check Engine light comes on, flashes or stays on
  • No traction when trying to gain speed
  • Floating speed at different engine operating modes
  • Abrupt stoppage of engine operation
  • Increased fuel consumption.

Causes of damper contamination

The air that enters the damper contains dust, solid suspensions and other products that penetrate through the air filter, especially if it is not replaced in a timely manner.

Dust particles settle in the engine oil, which coats the valve and throttle body.

The cause of contamination of the damper can also be wear of the cylinders and pistons, low-quality fuel, incorrect operation of the crankcase ventilation system, as a result of which a mixture of oil mist and combustion products enters the unit in large quantities.

Cleaning without removing the throttle valve is possible. To do this, you will need a special product - an intake tract cleaner. To do this, you need to remove the air duct to get to the damper. With the damper closed and then open, spray the surface with cleaning liquid and remove dirt with a rag. Make sure that the cleaning agent gets into all channels. You must understand that this method is not practical and may remove the malfunction temporarily or not eliminate it at all; high-quality cleaning is only possible by dismantling the damper.

To perform these procedures you need to have some knowledge and skills. Otherwise, you risk making the problem worse. Inept actions will lead to the fact that you will simply have to buy a new unit.

Cleaning the throttle body must be done with extreme care. If, unknowingly, the special protective layer of molybdenum is removed along with the dirt, the tightness will be broken - the throttle will allow more air to pass through. Another problem is that the smooth movement of the damper will be disrupted; it will move jerkily. You'll have to buy a new device. A node with such a malfunction cannot be restored.

Traditionally, cleaning the throttle valve in a car service center involves completely removing the assembly. As a rule, special products are used to clean the carburetor. The main thing is to remove all dirt.

The throttle body should be cleaned every 25-35 thousand miles. Every 8-12 thousand miles, it is recommended to carry out preventive cleaning of the unit without removing it from the car.


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Four common causes for a reduced engine power warning on the vehicle and their related parts.
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Reduced Engine Power Light

The reduced engine power light appears because the vehicle has limited its power output based on a problem it has detected; this is a designed safety measure. This is caused by issues with the fuel pump or catalytic converter. Alternatively, faulty sensors might be triggering this.

Spot the early warning signs of reduced engine power and take action before symptoms worsen. We recommend you communicate any concerns to a technician for professional assistance.

Our guide will teach you how to watch for any warning signs of engine power issues. Trust us; it's better to catch these things early on before they become big problems. Not only will it save you time and money, but it'll also give you peace of mind on the road.

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