Ignition Coil Replacement

Replacing the ignition coil in a car is necessary for several reasons:

  • Prevents misfires: A malfunctioning coil causes misfires, which leads to unstable engine operation, loss of power and increased fuel consumption.
  • Reduced fuel consumption: If one cylinder is not firing properly, the engine will have to rev up to achieve the same torque. Thus, the driver will press the pedal harder, and this will ensure higher fuel consumption.
  • Car is more reliable: Replacing the ignition coil ensures the reliability of the car and prevents sudden stops and problems along the way.
  • Catalyst protection: Due to incomplete combustion of fuel, the level of fuel in the exhaust gases increases. This harms the catalyst, accelerating its wear. The investigation helps to avoid costly repairs.
  • Prevents Damage to Other Components: A malfunctioning ignition coil can cause damage to other ignition system components, such as the spark plugs or electronic control unit.
  • Increased engine power: Since the ignition coil is responsible for properly igniting the mixture in the cylinders, its malfunction can lead to a drop in power and regular engine jerking.
  • Reducing emissions of harmful substances: Incomplete combustion of fuel increases the amount of harmful emissions in the exhaust gases.
  • The risk of damage to the vehicle's electronics is lower: A non-functioning ignition coil can create abnormal electrical signals that can affect the vehicle's electronic systems, such as navigation systems, audio systems and other critical components.

"Ignition Coil Replacement" fixes "A Flashing Check Engine Light and Sputtering"

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Four common causes for the vehicle engine sputtering and their related parts.
This fix will help eliminating

Engine Sputtering

The engine is sputtering because of a faulty fuel pump or mechanical failure, causing the unmeasured fuel pressure to create sputters. But it can also be because of worn spark plugs, faulty sensors, or a damaged ignition coil.

While the unsettling feeling of your engine sputtering might not have to do with engine problems, it indicates something wrong with your car that you shouldn't ignore.

A sputtering engine relates to how your car intakes and burns fuel. If it doesn't burn fuel cleanly and efficiently, your fuel economy suffers, risking expensive repairs to your engine, exhaust system, and catalytic converter. Plus, your car creates excess emissions that damage the environment.

In addition, some issues related to engine sputtering can prevent your car from starting, leaving you stranded and in a dangerous predicament.

The good news is that engine sputtering is easy to recognize and more straightforward to identify when the "check engine" light comes on. If you take your car to a technician before the problem damages the engine, the fix could be as simple as replacing the spark plugs or cleaning the fuel pump. Unfortunately, putting the issue on hold can severely impact your car's fuel efficiency.

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Four common causes for a vehicle shaking while accelerating and their related parts.
This fix will help eliminating

Shaking When Accelerating

It probably shakes when accelerating because of loose/damaged engine mounts or a wheel-related issue. For instance, the wheels might be damaged, not properly tightened, or feature a faulty wheel bearing, whereas the tires could be unbalanced or worn. Ignition and engine mechanical problems are also common causes of shaking when accelerating. 

Do you feel a sudden shaking jolt when you hit the gas pedal? Don't let this unnerving experience harm you and your car! Allowing the shaking to continue unchecked can lead to disastrous consequences. Instead, consider scheduling a vehicle health inspection right away.

By addressing the underlying cause of the vibrations, you can rest assured that your ride will be safe and comfortable at any speed. So don't wait for misshapen to strike – take action now to ensure your vehicle's safety and reliability.

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