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When we talk about brake pads, we are referring to a set of pads for the rear wheels, or a set of brake linings for the front wheels. Brake pads are part of a car's braking system. The role of brake pads is to ensure high-quality, safe, and effective braking of the car. The main signs of faulty brake pads include:

  • Noise;
  • Squeaking or vibration when pressing the brake pedal;
  • The car pulling to one side when braking;
  • Reduced braking effectiveness;
  • Brake locking.

If you encounter such symptoms, you should consult a service center for diagnostics, as these symptoms could also be indicative of other car problems, such as worn brake discs. Moreover, replacing brake pads is a fairly complex process that requires specialized equipment.

Repairing brake pads is not cost-effective; it is cheaper to buy a new set of brake pads rather than repair them. The wear of the brake linings can be determined without removing them; you simply have to remove the wheel and visually check the thickness of the pads through special windows in the brake calipers. It's slightly more complicated with rear drum brakes; to determine the wear of the rear brake pads, the brake drums need to be removed.

When replacing pads, you should replace the entire set for either the two front wheels or the two rear wheels at once. Replacing just one pad or pads on one wheel is not recommended as this will lead to a disparity in braking force on wheels of the same axle, which is not safe during movement. When choosing brake pads, pay attention to the material of the brake linings; it should not be too hard, otherwise, it will be your brake drums that wear out, not your brake pads, and replacing the drums is considerably more expensive than replacing the pads. After replacing the pads, it is essential to pump the brakes by pressing the brake pedal several times, and it's also necessary to drive a certain distance gently so that your new pads can properly seat against the brake discs.

Urban and aggressive driving styles significantly contribute to increased wear of brake pads. After starting to move, test the brakes at low speed, especially if they were wet, to ensure they are functioning properly. After driving in heavy rain, passing through large puddles, or washing your car, dry the brakes by lightly pressing the brake pedal several times while the car is moving. Also, avoid the habit of keeping your foot on the brake while driving, as this habit leads to overheating of the brake discs.

And, don't forget to inquire about the warranty on the work performed when choosing a service center for replacing brake pads. This is important to consider since the symptoms of worn brake pads are very similar to signs of defects in other parts of the car's suspension system. Taking this step will help avoid additional expenses for re-diagnosis if the symptoms of malfunction persist.

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Four common causes for grinding brakes from a vehicle and their related parts.
This fix will help eliminating

Brakes Grinding

The grinding sounds commonly come from worn or rusty brake pads touching the rotors. Alternatively, you might also want to check the brakes for debris since that could be the case. Less commonly, the brake caliper might be damaged or misplaced and is now grinding the rotors.

When you feel a grinding sensation while braking your car, it's a warning sign that your vehicle's safety on the road is compromised. Ignoring it could lead to dangerous consequences, so taking control and understanding the causes and solutions is essential.

Don't let the problem escalate; consider contacting a trusted technician to inspect the brake noise. By addressing the issue promptly, you avoid costly repairs, ensure the integrity of your vehicle, and drive with peace of mind. Your safety on the road is invaluable, and regular maintenance can save you time, money, and potential headaches in the long run.

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