Brake fluid flush

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Brake Fluid Flush offers several additional advantages compared to Brake Fluid Exchange and Brake Fluid Replacement, providing a more in-depth and comprehensive treatment of the brake system:

  • More Thorough Removal of Contaminants and Moisture: Flush not only replaces the old brake fluid but also actively removes moisture and contaminants that can accumulate in the brake system over time. This prevents risks associated with decreased braking quality and component corrosion.
  • Complete Cleaning of the Brake System: Flush often involves the use of special equipment for complete flushing and cleaning of the entire brake system, while Exchange and Replacement might be less intensive and not provide the same level of cleaning.
  • Prevention of Potential Failures: Thorough flushing can reveal hidden problems in the brake system, such as minor leaks or wear of components, which may not be obvious during a regular fluid replacement.
  • Improvement in Long-Term Performance: Regular Flush procedures can help maintain the brake system in optimal condition, contributing to long-term reliability and performance of the brakes.
  • Optimization of Hydraulic System Operation: Since Flush removes air bubbles and ensures the uniformity of the brake fluid, it improves the operation of the entire hydraulic brake system.
  • Maintaining the Vehicle's Warranty: In some cases, regular Flush might be a requirement to maintain the warranty on the brake system, especially for some high-performance or luxury vehicles.
  • Higher Cost but Greater Benefit: Although Flush might be more expensive than a simple fluid replacement, the additional costs are justified by the improvement in quality and safety of braking.

Overall, Brake Fluid Flush offers deeper protection and improvement for the brake system compared to a simple replacement or exchange of brake fluid, making it a preferred choice for thorough maintenance of the brake system.


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