Transparency is the new Trust

Transparency is the new Trust.

There are 90 Million searches for car issues and fixes on Google every year!

Become AutoTechIQ-certified so motorists find you.
Transparency is the new Trust.

Do you use Digital Vehical Inspections?

Do you have 100+ excellent Google reviews?

How It Works

Car owners google their car issues, educate themselves, and find your shop

Certified Shops rank at the TOP!

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Digital inspections provide transparency. Transparency creates Trust.
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Do you use a Digital Vehicle Health Inspection tool and edit pictures to educate your customers?

Did you implement a process of transparency for your customers?

Then you will pass the AutoTechIQ certification with flying colors.

It doesn't get any easier!

A quick 15 min survey will result in a 30 min review with CEO/Founder Uwe K., who will certify you and answer any questions you might have about the program.

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Member Benefits

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How much is the Service?

  • - This service is free of charge for a limited time
  • - As long as we don't create interested car owners for certified shops in every major city, this service is provided at no cost.
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Testimonials From Shops Like Yours

Dan Garlock
Dan GarlockSilver Lake Auto and Tire Centers (5 locations)

“The introduction of the Digital Inspection process was hard initially, but paid off big. We are excited that AutoTechIQ sends us the type of customer who appreciates our focus on education and transparency.”

Brittany Schindler
Brittany SchindlerRod's Master Auto Tech, Rod's Japanese Auto Care

“AutotechIQ is a company that clearly knows what's coming next for our industry. The creator Uwe has already proven how to make our jobs better and easier. We talk about educating our clients so that they feel confident in the...

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Sara Savio
Sara SavioSacramento Specialty Automotive Folsom Automotive Service

“We have experienced a big boost through Digital Inspections. AutoTechIQ connects new customers to us who are exactly what we are looking for. They are interested in the longevity of their vehicle and want to be educated about their options.”

Bruce Nation
Bruce NationWestlake Independent

“We all know that performing, editing and communicating digital inspections is a lot of work. We also know that it's hard work that pays off. As an AutoTechIQ-certified shop I have access to the Power Moves webinars that give ...

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