Wiper arm with information about the need for replacement

Replacing the windshield wiper arm in your car solves problems related to the operation of the wipers:

  • Ineffective Windshield Wiping: A worn or damaged windshield wiper arm does not apply enough pressure to the windshield, resulting in poor cleaning and streaking. New levers ensure the correct pressure of the brushes on the glass, improving cleaning quality.
  • Wiper blades do not press evenly onto the glass: If the arms are bent or damaged, the wiper blades do not contact the glass evenly, leaving unwiped areas. Replacing the levers restores the uniform fit of the brushes to the glass.
  • Increased wear on wiper blades: Worn wiper arms cause uneven wiper blade wear. New levers evenly distribute the load on the brushes, thereby increasing their service life.
  • Noise and grinding noise when the wipers operate: Worn wiper arms cause noise and grinding noise when the wiper blades move. Replacing the arms eliminates these noises, making the wipers operate more quietly.
  • Poor contact between blades and glass in bad weather conditions: In strong winds or at high speeds, improperly functioning blade arms do not provide enough pressure to clean effectively. New levers ensure a secure fit of the brushes in all conditions.
  • Problems installing and removing blades: Damaged arms can make it difficult to install and remove wiper blades. New levers make brush replacement easier, easier and safer.
  • Visual and aesthetic aspect: Damaged or rusty Wiper arms spoil the appearance of the car. New levers improve the appearance of the car.
  • Improved driving safety: Ineffective windshield wipers due to damaged arms reduce visibility in rainy or snowy weather. New arms improve the operation of the windshield wipers, providing better visibility and, as a result, increased driving safety in difficult weather conditions.

Replacing your windshield wiper arm is an important part of vehicle maintenance, especially if the old arms are worn, damaged, or do not clean the glass effectively. This not only improves the functionality of the windshield wipers, but also affects driving safety and the overall appearance of the vehicle.

"Wiper arm replacement" fixes "Detached Wiper Arms."

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Four common causes for bad windshield wipers in a vehicle and their related parts.
This fix will help eliminating

Windshield Wipers Don't Work

The windshield wipers aren't working because the wiper motor is damaged. Alternatively, this might happen if the wiper transmission, control module, or switch gets internally damaged.

Your car's windshield wipers are essential for keeping your windshield clear when it's raining or snowing. If they're not working correctly, it's like driving with impaired vision, and that's not safe at all!

To avoid this, pay attention to any strange behaviors from your windscreen wipers. If they're not clearing the windshield properly, making weird noises, or getting stuck, it's time to take action. Once you know the problem, don't hesitate to take your car to your trusted auto shop. 

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