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The car is equipped with a gearbox, which depending on the model, can be either automatic or manual. Gear shifting in both types is done using a gear shift lever. Over time, due to natural wear, the gearbox's gear shift lever breaks down. This happens faster with manual gearboxes. The breakdown process is accelerated when dirt, dust, moisture get inside, as well as when shifting gears with a faulty clutch. Main symptoms of malfunction in an automatic gearbox mechanism:

  • The gear shifts without a key in the ignition;
  • The lever has slack;
  • Moving the lever is stiff and unclear;
  • Gear shifting occurs without pressing the button on the lever;
  • The button on the lever has sunk in.

Main issues with a manual gearbox assembly:

  • Effort is needed to shift gears;
  • Grinding, knocking noises during shifting;
  • Gears need to be "caught";
  • Gears slip out;
  • Slack in the gear shift lever.

If any of these problems arise, further operation is risky due to gearbox malfunction; therefore, replacement or repair of the gear shift lever is required. Don't delay the mechanism replacement, as at some point, the gear shifting may stop working entirely, requiring the car to be towed. Delayed repair of the gearbox control drive leads to additional, even very high, costs. The cost of replacing the gear linkage is fairly high since the procedure is quite complex. Incorrect adjustments will also cause the gear linkage to fail. If you have car repair skills and know how to identify a malfunction in the gear shifting linkage, you can perform the repairs yourself. If not, we recommend entrusting such work to professionals.

Breakdowns can vary widely. Sometimes, the mechanism fails irreversibly, and repair is not cost-effective, but sometimes you can fix the device with simple actions and without extra costs.
Each model's gear shifting system has its own characteristics. For repair, it is essential to choose high-quality parts, but first, it is important to identify the fault itself and its main causes. Otherwise, the problem may recur after the repair. Sometimes even specialists can't determine the cause of the failure, so the car owner needs to act based on their own logic.

Main indicators, causes, and consequences of gear linkage failure in a car:

A quick breakdown is possible due to a sudden impact or mechanical damage. Most often, the gear-shifting mechanism fails gradually. In most cases, the problem lies in the slow breakdown of the weakest points in the mechanism. This refers to plastic connectors, joint connections, bearings, and other parts (depending on the car model).
You will face the question—when is it better to repair the gear linkage or replace it with a new one?
The answer to this question is not straightforward. The problem is that replacing this unit does not always lead to the complete absence of faults. There are specific reasons why the equipment fails, and you need to address these reasons first and foremost. It is best to diagnose the entire gear-shifting system and see what issues a service technician can identify.
Indicators pointing to the need for gear linkage replacement include several issues:

  • All fasteners are severely loose, and the device has slack in all connections;
  • Metallic parts of the mechanism are deformed;
  • Important fasteners are damaged, preventing the proper installation and adjustment of the equipment in your car;
  • Main mechanisms have worn out and require replacement or very high-quality repair.
  • In such cases, it is much easier to replace the device. After replacing the gear linkage in your car and proper adjustment, gear shifting becomes smoother and more efficient once again.

It's worth noting that the process of adjusting gear shifting is quite complex, regardless of the car model and how the gear shifting occurs in the car—either through rods or cables. Therefore, it's best to consult a professional at an auto repair shop in this case. To operate your car normally and without complications, it's essential always to remember its important design features.

Constant abrupt gear changes, and the lack of proper inspection of components often lead to having to replace parts in assembly and paying extra for service and repair work. On the other hand, with good service, you can effectively eliminate any problems related to the repair of your car.

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