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The dashboard is a whole complex of electronics that monitors the characteristics, functions and parameters of the car, providing detailed data to the driver. It informs the car owner when certain devices are turned on, and also signals about malfunctions that appear in the operation of the engine.

The main faults for which the dashboard can be repaired

  1. Oxidation of output contacts. At the output, conductors are often exposed to external factors, which contributes to voltage loss. This type of repair of the instrument panel is carried out by simply cleaning the contacts using an iron brush.
  2. Oxidation of contacts, conductive paths on the board itself. The problem usually occurs in older cars or in cars where moisture collects inside the car. A more serious problem compared to contact oxidation. This problem can lead to complete operability of the panel. Here you will need to clean or even resolder the contacts.
  3. The dashboard lights do not light up. If only one lamp stops burning, then most likely the problem lies in its performance - it has reached the end of its service life. It needs to be replaced. Replacement is fairly quick and inexpensive. If all the lamps go out at once, the reason for this is poor power supply. In this case, the power circuit is checked and repaired.
  4. The arrows on the instrument panel began to jump. Before removing the instrument, panel and starting to repair it, you need to make sure that the arrows did not jump at the time of the diagnosis itself. On many cars, when carrying out the diagnostic itself, the instrument panel arrows must go across the entire scale - this way their performance is checked. But if the arrows periodically jump, the mileage is not displayed, the problem is most likely the reason lies in the microcircuit itself. If it is the board itself that breaks, then the instrument panel needs to be replaced.
  5. The instrument needle stopped working altogether. This defect is associated primarily with the arrow motors, which fail either from the exhaustion of their service life or from incorrect removal of the arrows when disassembling the instrument panel. The solution to this problem is to rewind the motor or replace it.

On some models there is memory in the dashboard and before starting repairs it must be rewritten (make a copy of the data) for subsequent rewriting after repair.

  In older cars that use cables, for example, to connect the speedometer, the needle on it may jump due to the poor condition of the cable. In this case, the cable must be replaced.

The main steps for repairing the dashboard

  1. Before repairing the dashboard, the technician must perform diagnostics of all related elements with the dashboard in order to identify the cause of the malfunction.
  2. Removing the panel to gain access to the internal components of the dashboard. Partial disassembly of the car dashboard is also carried out.
  3. Replacement of burnt-out light bulbs, faulty sensors, damaged wires. Repair of electronic components using a special repair tool.
  4. After repair work on electronic components, calibration of some devices is required, especially if sensors or other elements have been replaced.
  5. Assembling the instrument panel and diagnosing all functions to ensure they are working correctly.

Dashboard repair is a complex process, as modern cars are equipped with many electronics and sensors. It is important to contact a reliable auto repair shop with good reviews and experienced technicians.


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Four common causes for an “oil pressure” warning light on the vehicle and their related parts.
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Oil Pressure Light

The oil pressure light indicates your car’s oil isn’t flowing properly. This can happen because of a faulty oil pump, electrical component, or an oil leak. Alternatively, the car’s oil might be fine, but damaged sensors send the wrong information.

Stay alert if your car's dashboard begins to pop the "oil pressure" warning light. Your vehicle might be under progressive damage and might require hefty repairs in the future; it'll also feature considerable safety risks. So please, keep track of your car's odd behaviors and browse through our articles to find out the information you'll need to share with your go-to auto shop.

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