How weather affects brake repair

Do you plan to take your vehicle to a place like Charleston, SC with prolonged heat/cold or humidity in the next 3 months? Please consider the following impact on your vehicle:

Heat is generated very quickly due to the friction between the brake pads and the brake rotors, so the brake system will remain warm long after the vehicle has been parked in Charleston, SC. Heavy braking can overheat the brakes, leading you to experience brake fade that reduces the efficiency of the brakes and lengthens the distance your vehicle comes to a complete halt. When engine oil is thinner due to heat, there is increased risk of leaks occurring. Additionally, higher temperaturestemperatires as in Charleston, SC can lead to insufficient lubrication, resulting in sludge formation. oil flow might be lowered and can impede your vehicle's overall performance.

High Humidity such as in Charleston, SC increases the likelihood of condensation inside the headlight housing. Water and electricity don't mix, which may cause a short circuit leading to failure of your lightbulb. In addition, any condensation water coming in contact with a hot light bulb may cause the bulb to break. Many different sensors in your vehicle let its car computer know if a potential problem is detected because they sense temperatures, pressures, filling level etc. to be out of normal range. Excess moisture from heavy humidity in Charleston, SC might cause the sensors to trip inadvertently and create a false positive, meaning they signal a problem even when there really isn't one. Every time a warning or the check engine light is on, get it diagnosed by a professional before you worry about the malfunction of your car.

Related Fixes

Any or all of the following fixes might be proposed by your shop in Charleston, SC to restore your brake system to operate as designed and meet safety standards. THESE FIXES are offered by all shops IN the neighborhoods Bel Air, Abingdon, Riverside, Pleasant Hills, Bel Air North.

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