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Problems that can be avoided by replacing the driveshaft support:

  • Prevent Mechanical Damage: A faulty bearing can cause uneven load distribution on the driveshaft, increasing the likelihood of deformation or failure. It can also lead to increased wear on universal joints and other transmission components.
  • Improved torque transmission: A properly maintained mount ensures a smoother, more stable transmission of torque from the engine to the drive wheels.
  • Reduced transmission wear: A stable driveshaft position reduces stress on transmission gears and bearings, contributing to longevity.
  • Ensuring Vehicle Stability: Proper support for the driveshaft helps prevent it from moving or wobbling, which is important to maintaining stable vehicle control.
  • Improved Safety: Replacing a worn driveshaft mount can help prevent unexpected driving problems, such as a sudden loss of power or control of the vehicle. In extreme cases, severe damage to the driveshaft support can cause it to break, posing a serious safety hazard.
  • Save on Costly Repairs: Preventative bearing replacement can prevent more serious transmission failures, ultimately saving you on costly repairs.
  • Extending Driveshaft Life: Regularly replacing the driveshaft bearing helps prevent premature wear and increases the overall life of the driveshaft.

Overall, Driveshaft support replacement promotes a smoother, safer, and more comfortable ride, helps avoid costly repairs, and maintains overall vehicle reliability.

"Driveshaft support replacement" fixes "Faulty driveshaft carrier bearing"

The AutoTechIQ ranking for Safety, Cost Avoidance, and Environmental Impact is

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Four common causes for a vehicle shaking while accelerating and their related parts.
This fix will help eliminating

Shaking When Accelerating

It probably shakes when accelerating because of loose/damaged engine mounts or a wheel-related issue. For instance, the wheels might be damaged, not properly tightened, or feature a faulty wheel bearing, whereas the tires could be unbalanced or worn. Ignition and engine mechanical problems are also common causes of shaking when accelerating. 

Do you feel a sudden shaking jolt when you hit the gas pedal? Don't let this unnerving experience harm you and your car! Allowing the shaking to continue unchecked can lead to disastrous consequences. Instead, consider scheduling a vehicle health inspection right away.

By addressing the underlying cause of the vibrations, you can rest assured that your ride will be safe and comfortable at any speed. So don't wait for misshapen to strike – take action now to ensure your vehicle's safety and reliability.

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