How to Use BizMapIQ to Generate Postcard Campaigns

BizMapIQ empowers business owners and, marketing agencies and website providers to measure how eefective their online marketing is per neighborhood

What is BizMapIQ

Data Sources

BizMapIQ combines local Google Ranking, existing customer data, and demographic data, showing them on a map and in a spreadsheet per neighborhood. 

To be as accurate as possible concerning demographics, the neighborhoods are so-called census tracts, the smallest unit the US government regularly updates its census data for.  It best matches the socio-economic profile in a given area. 

Another option would have been USPS carrier routes. These routes are optimized for delivery and not per socio-economic profiles, so carrier routes will be referenced in the local analysis but will not be used to determine demographic data.

Existing customer data stem from Point-of-Sales data for existing customers, but only active customers are taken into account. An active customer has visited the business at least once in the last three years.

The local Google ranking is determined by looking up the selected search phrase in each of the 250 neighborhoods around the business location.

How to target a neighborhood with Postcards

There are three methods for using postcards

  1. Determine the number of households in the local analysis, print the number of postcards, and self-deliver them to the households.
  2. Use the referenced carrier routes in the neighborhood data provided and ask your postcard provider to deliver your postcard along those carrier routes (carrier routes coming soon)
  3. We consider determining the individual addresses in each neighborhood so you can use cost-effective services like Vista-Print to send your postcard to these addresses. we will update this article once we know that this features will be offered.