This shop specializes in more than 60 vehicle models and provides Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVI) so you can choose the best option for your repair.Every car condition will be described in one of three colors on the DVI
Good conditionGreen
Due at next visitYellow
Urgent repairRed
Explore how typical vehicle conditions require a repair service and how a DVI documents that condition.
Ritter's Auto Repair
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makeThis Auto Repair Shop has fixed 12,027 vehicles. The Top Five Makes are:
  • Ford2,963
  • Chevrolet2,610
  • Dodge1,028
  • GMC854
  • Toyota637

Certified businesses have more than 100 Google Reviews with an average ranking of 4.5 and higher. They have defined a process they use consistently for every vehicle focusing on transparency and education of their customers. The certification term Digital Auto Checkup is used to describe their Digital Vehicle Health Inspection process if it meets all following criteria

Our customers are educated at vehicle drop-off about the inspection process, especially what information they will receive by email/text within the next two hours after drop-off.

An estimate of the cost of at least all Immediate Attention items is provided for the customer's approval after a discussion of the inspection results.

Our customers concern(s) will be addressed first, and test/diagnosis results will be presented together with inspection results.

The inspection covers at least 35 topics, whose results are presented on a web page to the customer.

The inspection results contain

- More than 15 images and videos describing problem areas as well as mint conditions ('good' or 'no issues').

- Educational videos and/or explanations about the impact the condition has on the vehicle health and how to repair the problem.

- Recommended actions to resolve the problems and status reflecting the urgency.Immediate AttentionFuture Attention