Typical Vehicle Health Inspection

These are the results of your vehicle health inspection:

typical car
2009 Volkswagen Tiguan Odo: 59,306 miles
Good: 29
Initial observationsBrakingRecommended action:GoodParking brakeRecommended action:Parking brake are good at this time
In carWindshield WashersRecommended action:Windshield washers good Parking brakeNotes:The wipers are operating fully in cleaning the windshield at the time of inspection.
Under carBrakingRecommended action:GoodFront tiresRecommended action:Front tires are good at this timeNotes:PSI LF 35, PSI RF 35, PSI LR35, PSI RR 35
Needs Immediate Attention: 3
Initial observationsWarning LightsCondition:Check Engine LightMaintenanceNotes:

Your vehicles computer system has determined there is an emissions related failure that needs correction. Further testing is needed to determine the root cause. This information will indicate the repairs needed to restore vehicle to proper emissions standards and performance. Further evaluation is recommended. Your vehicles maintenance tracking computer warning has come on as a warning certain maintenance needs to be performed and inspections completed. Inspection and maintenance needs to be performed and this monitor reset. These maintenance are to make sure your vehicle is dependable while reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Recommend Attention: 10
Initial observationsWalk AroundRecommended action:GoodParking brakeRecommended action:Exterior Damage/wear NotedWheels/Tires Damage/Wear Noted
Under carEngineCondition:Engine oil is leakingRecommended Action:Add Dye & Recheck for LeaksNotes:See main concern for details.